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• Your solicitor is regulated by the Law Society of Scotland which protects you and your claim

• Our solicitors are Personal Injury Specialists

• Keep 100% of your compensation

1. Not sure if you have a claim?

Why don’t you call our free phone number and speak to one of our experienced team who will take you through some quick questions to establish whether you have a valid claim that we can help you with.

2. How am I meant to fund the case?

We are happy to accept your case on a speculative basis. Please note that our policy is not to charge a success fee which means that you will receive 100% of any compensation. Our fee will be paid by the third party who we pursue in respect of your claim.

3. How long does a claim take?

Each claim is unique but on average a case would take approximately 18 months from start to finish. However, having said that, this is something we can get a better idea of once we have more details.

4. How much compensation will I receive?

Again, once we have more details of your injuries, we can give a better idea of what your claim would be worth.

Claims Management Companies

• Claims management companies are not regulated and you are not protected

• As they are unqualified, they are not specialists

• 25% or more of your compensation may be deducted